So You Want to Learn to Fly

So You Want to Learn to Fly Summary

So You Want to Learn How to Fly...your guide to make it happen is an unblemished accounting of how you can go from dreaming about becoming a pilot to making it a reality.  Glenn Daly's years of experience as both a Certificated Flight Instructor and Course Developer for King Schools will help guide you with clear, step-by-step explanations outlining  the necessary steps involved in getting your private pilot certificate (private pilot license). Glenn shares his valuable expertise that will ensure you make well informed decisions about your pilot training, and get you started on the right path to becoming a pilot.  From choosing the right flight instructor and purchasing pilot supplies to understanding the differences in the aircraft you will fly during your flight instruction, Glenn Daly will provide you with great insights that will have you stepping into the cockpit and flying as pilot-in-command in no time.

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