The Little Engine That Could

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This iBook is not connected with the official The Little Engine That Could™ book published by Penguin Young Readers Group and is not authorized by Penguin. The Little Engine That Could" is a special project as it was the first known story to highlight a female character as a motorized heroine. Mabel C. Bragg, a Boston school teacher, is attributed as the originator of this famous story. Her version was formally published in 1920 by Olive Beaupre Miller, a female entrepreneur who began The Book House for Children publishing company. Various versions of the story have since been produced, and is now considered one of the best all-time stories in children's literature.

Music by: Nate Lee
Narration by: Bob Workmon, Allison David, and Noel Hunter. 
Digitally compiled: by David Stith.

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The little Engine That Could5 star

That was so sweet I read that to my Memaw And she loved it so much Kai, 8 Devon, 7 Love Memaw55


Little [email protected] : All Afternoon With Little [email protected]5 star

On Monday. Little [email protected] Rides His Scooter , Building A Sand Castle , Sailing Around , On A Car , Playing Songs , Painting Scooters!55


Goooooood5 star



Very cute4 star

Very cute!! My kids loved the story.45


I love this book!!! 🙂💗5 star

The little engine that could provides a 👍🏼 lesson for kids about helping others. It's fun and easy to use. I 😍!!!55

K Prat

The engine that could3 star

Um I didn't like the name the Train of cars or the mean trains but I liked the rest35


Ten out of Ten Book5 star

As a sixteen year old high schooler, I have never read such a great book in my life. It has inspired me to do great things in life just by believing. I would like to personally thank the author to influencing my life in such a way I've become a better person. Thank You Again!!!55


Awesome5 star

Very encouraging55


Passing on an old favorite5 star

My grandson loves trains and when I found he hadn't heard of this story I went looking for it. I was so glad to find this! Thank you!55


The Little Engine That Could5 star

The best book to instill55

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