What Is! the Meaning of Life.

What Is! the Meaning of Life. Summary

Synchronicity! "You leave on a Journey to write a book and you end up living the answer to the question you thought you were asking." How do you go about documenting YOUR "Journey of Discovery" Paul Fisette left on an eight month tour around Canada and the United States living in his RV and came home with the answer to that age-old question, "What is the meaning of life " But he didn't "just" find an answer; he actually "lived" the answer! His story, documented here, is three parts travelogue, two parts autobiography, one part storytelling, and one part theorizing. This recipe for arriving at an answer that has baffled the minds of many great thinkers from Plato to Einstein leaves us with a question that we must all be wondering. Can it be true? The only way to decide is to read this informative, witty, inquiring, emotionally charged, and inspirational story!

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