Female Killers: True Crime Stories of Murderous Women

Female Killers: True Crime Stories of Murderous Women Summary

As the saying goes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The phrase is never more true for the women covered in this book, all of whom harbour a lust for blood and the willingness to kill.

Read about the horrific true tale of Karla Homolka, a dangerous manipulator who helped her husband rape and kill numerous young girls - one of them being her younger sister. There's also the peculiar yet disturbing case of Nannie Doss, the seemingly sweet older woman who had a penchant for snuffing out her husbands as well as her own children. Then there's the chilling case of Stephanie Lazarus, a police officer who not only managed to keep her murderous secret hidden for over two decades, but also managed to become a high-ranking police officer. These, plus five more cases of women who kill are collated in this book, shedding light on a fascinating category of true crime.

While female killers may be considered rare, when they do strike, their cunning and callousness make their crimes all the more shocking. Psychopathy and violence are categories often reserved for men, but as this book will show you, women can be just as evil as their male counterparts.

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