The Emancipation Proclamation

The Emancipation Proclamation Summary

Emancipation Proclamation summary: The Emancipation Proclamation was issued by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, as the country entered the third year of the Civil War. It declared that "all persons held as slaves … shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free"—but it applied only to states designated as being in rebellion, not to the slave-holding border states of Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri or to areas of the Confederacy that had already come under Union control. The careful planning of this document, with Lincoln releasing it at just the right moment in the war, ensured that it had a great positive impact on the Union efforts and redefined the purpose of the war. The Emancipation Proclamation continues to be a symbol of equality and social justice.

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perfect book5 star

This is perfect book if you are learning about slavery or just like social studies.Im in the eight grade and it help me with the Emancipation Proclamation. Read it good book for the Civil War.55


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I could almost hear his voice, Abe....what a great speaker55


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The greatest words ever put on paper...well next to the words of the bible.55

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