Clinical Equine Reproduction Volume 2

Clinical Equine Reproduction Volume 2 Summary

The goal of this eTextbook is to provide a reference text for veterinarians, theriogenology residents, veterinary students, graduate students, undergraduate students in animal or equine sciences programs, horse owners, breeding managers and others interested in clinical aspects of equine reproduction. Each volume is filled with photographs, original drawings, and videos to assist with understanding key concepts.
Volume 2 begins with the physiologic events of fertilization and early pregnancy and continues with pregnancy examination techniques, management of twins, reproductive problems of pregnant mares, prediction foaling, normal foaling induction of labor, dystocia, retained placenta, care of the newborn foal, medical problems of young foals, care of the orphan foal and more.
Overall, this eTextbook on Clinical Equine Reproduction is designed to enhance the knowledge of people responsible for reproductive management and health care of horses.

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