All Cowboy and Charm

All Cowboy and Charm Summary

One cowboy's tragedy leads to a second chance for another…an unexpected baby.

Successful author Melanie Jane decided after a very public divorce that she would prove to the world, especially her critiques, that she didn't need a man to make her dreams come true. So, she wrote a best seller and used a fertility clinic to get pregnant. An accidental switch-a-roo left Melanie curious…who was the father of her baby?

Coop Dawson was still grieving the loss of his twin brother when some lady showed up at the family ranch and announced that she was pregnant by Cade, impossible since he'd been gone for over a year. Coop didn't have the patience for scam artists. He told her exactly how he felt then made her hit the road. Yet, after reading a letter from a fertility clinic, he realized she'd been telling the truth. Now he needed to turn things around fast before he lost the chance at knowing Cade's child.

Sometimes tragedy can bring a family closer…and bring unexpected gifts. Coop needed to step up for the first time in his life and do the right thing for everyone. He promised his brother in a late-night prayer that he'd take care of the child—but what Coop didn't realize he was already falling for Melanie and he couldn't imagine life without her. Will she learn to trust him? Or will he screw up every chance he'd been given? 

Book Reviews

Clean romancer

All cowboy and charm3 star

Nice and short. Easy read. Story a little far fetched but fun.35

Mama Wosch

Quick easy read5 star

She was looking for answers and found a family who loved her! Small twists and turns that lead to a happy ever after55


3 1/2 stars4 star

Sweet. Good read.45


Sweet4 star

Short and sweet. I enjoyed the story of Coop and how much he loved his twin and then found an unexpected love in Melanie! Cade gave his twin the ultimate gift.45


All Cowboy and Charm5 star

Great read55


All Cowboy and charm5 star

Recommend it 100%.55

so jealous three

All Cowboys and charm4 star

This book was a good read the story was told well and I will be looking for more of Rhonda’s books to read45

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