Courted by a Cowboy

Courted by a Cowboy Summary

Courted by a Cowboy
Texas Sweethearts series--Book One

As young girls, they vowed to be best friends forever—a promise they kept through happiness and heartbreak! Now these four Texas Sweethearts are all turning thirty.  In spite of busy lives, full-time careers, and an assortment of beloved animals and meddling townsfolk, true love is destined to surprise each one of them in the magical little world of their own hometown.

Bamboozled Into Going Home Again… 
Ten years ago, Sunny Carmichael left Hope Valley, Texas and became a veterinary disease specialist—a darn good one! When her meddling, matchmaking mother urges her to come home to investigate the mysterious deaths of several cows before news spreads and ruins the local cattle industry, Sunny reluctantly agrees, even though she will likely run into the man who broke her heart and caused her to flee her small hometown so long ago.

He has no idea he’s been set up…

Jackson Slade never forgot the girl who got away. But he had to put the painful past behind him and move on with his life. Now a widowed, single-father, he is raising his quiet little girl alone on his ranch that is suddenly losing cattle. With his livelihood and life in possible jeopardy, the last person he expects to find nosing around his herd is the very same woman he's tried to forget—Sunny Carmichael.

Now what? A second chance at love...?

Although this Texas Sweetheart is not home to stay, it isn’t long before the passionate spark that fired their youthful romance quickly blazes into a scorching flame. Now Sunny and Jack have two problems on their hands: a deadly cattle epidemic and their undeniable attraction!

Hope Valley, Texas, home of the Texas Sweethearts—where gossip’s hotter than three-alarm chili and even the good guys wear black.

“Mindy Neff weaves a wonderful romance!”
—Romantic Times Review

Book Reviews


Courted by a Cowboy5 star

Loved the story. Romantic and very funny. There was too many curse words that didn’t add one thing more to the story. The one sex scene was too graphic.55


Such a sweet love story!5 star

I love the story of Sunny n jack and little Tori. Love loyalty and devotion. 🥰55


Courted by a Cowboy5 star

This was a fun book to read. The characters were real and the story was good.55


Fun read4 star

This book was a fun read with a few surprises. I really enjoyed the characters and can’t wait to read the rest of the series.45


Amazing5 star

It’s not often that I get so invested in a book. It’s also not often that a story would make me cry but this one did both of those things. It was beautifully written and I enjoyed every page of Sunny and Jack’s love story. Thank you for the laughs and heartwarming moments.55

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Courted by the Cowboy4 star

Entertaining, fun dialogue and sciences. Good read with enough romance and anxiousness.45


Worth reading if you love cowboys, strong females5 star

Funny and heartwarming story of second chances. Strong characters ~55


Juicy5 star

Hard to put this book down. First read in years and I finished it in three days. It’s a must read.55


Courted by a Cowboy5 star

Great read55


Great job5 star

Enjoyed story but criminal was obvious55

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