A Hero's Homecoming

A Hero's Homecoming Summary

**This book was formerly titled Heart of a Hero**
This emotionally gripping, standalone, second chance romance will have you reaching for the tissues at the epic HEA.
He’ll do whatever it takes to win her back
From the moment they first kissed - the night before she stole away to basic training without saying goodbye, Parker Hansen has only ever wanted one woman – Cassidy Grace. Now that she’s back in town, a veteran combat helicopter pilot and his newest co-worker at the fire station, Parker’s not going to let his second chance slip by. No matter what.
She’s got wounds no one can see
Cassie’s determined to keep Parker where he belongs – back in the friend zone. She might still harbor feelings for her old flame, but he can’t protect her from the enemy that stalks her day and night – her memories.

But when Cassie and Parker join forces to face down a wildfire in Colorado, a routine mission goes haywire and the lines between protector and rescued are blurred. And when forever love is on the line, can Cassie & Parker put aside past wounds to make it out alive?

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Highly recommended5 star

Just when you think the 'Cowboys of the Flint Hills' could not get any more emotional - BAM you're hit with more! This is an amazing story that hits on the struggles and challenges that our brave men and women who serve and have served our country, fight our fires and protect us everyday face. This book is a testament to the true spirit and grace of human nature. Cassie and Parker are truly great together. They have a deep respect and understanding for each other that goes beyond the love that they feel and that love lets them conquer the world. They are comfortable with each other. They enjoy each other's company and know how to have fun and how to have some steamy times that can make you green with envy. This series has become one of my favorites and I look forward to more antics from the town of Prairie. I highly recommend reading this book as well as the others for the passion, the love, family, community and heart. You know how a story and characters can stay with you after read, you just keep thinking about them and reflecting on it or wondering what happens next? Well, this book and the previous ones are like that - so good. It doesn't stop at the last page.55


Heart of a Hero3 star

Good story!35


Prairie Fire4 star

If it’s “steamy” you want, this should light the spark as well as provide some insight into the dangers firefighters come across when fighting wildfires. This was part of a bundle of various authors for whom the funds collected where given to a worthy charity.45


Prairie Fire series4 star

The men and women in this, Prairie Fire series, are believable full of life and personality. Two families that fought for yrs are merged in earlier books. Love does not come easy to them. Through all the books their is a dilemma or two that they have to work through before love comes their way. In Prairie Fire the town has just started to recover from the tornado that hit it head on, Cassie the bride suffers from PTSD from events in her service to our country that almost stops her from taking a risk on Love. Her husband to be works fore the crews that battle wild fires which is fraught with danger. I feel with the twists and turns in each book you will not want to wait to start the next book as the characters are still in the families or community but it moves its focus to a dire the brother, sister or cousin who becomes the next couple. Will they realize their love? I am not telling. You will have to read for yourself.45


A Great Read5 star

Prairie Fire is on fire!!! A must read for any romance reader. Tessa Layne knows how to write hot & spicy with romance and humor mixed in. I absolutely love this series and can't wait for the next book to come out.55


Emotional, Sexy, and Entertaining Read5 star

Prairie Fire: Cowboys of the Flint Hills) by Tessa Layne This is Parker Hansen and Cassidy 'Cassie" Grace's story. Parker and Cassie had a past and end up working together. They work together to putting out fires. One fire they can't put out is the fire between them. Cassie is still dealing with nightmares from her tour in Afghanistan. Will Cassie be able to take a chance on love? I think this is one of my favorite books in this series. Parker and Cassie are great characters. This is an entertaining, sexy, hot, and emotional read. FYI, contains mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.55

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