Married in Montana

Married in Montana Summary

Savannah is tired of the dating scene, even though she wants to get married and have a family. She knows her mother will never move on with her own life as long as Savannah is single. Savannah goes to see a matchmaker, specializing in setting up couples who meet at the altar. At first, she thinks Scott is a dream come true, but his blundering soon makes her crazy. 
Scott, a Montana bison rancher, doesn't have time to find a wife. His work is all-encompassing. Besides, he tends to have a hard time getting women to go out with him more than once. When he runs into a matchmaker he's known all his life, he tells her about the problems he's had to see if she can help him. When he meets Savannah at the altar, his heart stops for a moment. She's exactly what he's looking for. Will their diverse backgrounds keep them apart? Or will they be able to work through their differences to make their marriage a loving relationship?

Book Reviews


Married in Montana1 star

Terrible story. A complete waste of my time.15

UP Sherwood

Married in Montana5 star

Fast moving good love story55

lovey granny

Book review5 star

Married in Montana very good55


Cute story5 star

Good story, kept me in gaged but the cover is kinda bad. Almost over looked the book.55

NAW 64

Married in Montana5 star

Entertaining story. A relaxing read.55

annoying nat

Wonderful4 star

Gotta say the cover art is horrid. The book itself was captivating. The stupid man gestures are spot on with some of my less than glorious ideas. Made me want to keep reading with the balance of humor and romance.45

Hope in Gulfport

Good bedtime read5 star

Good bedtime book55


Short read5 star

This book is a sweet love story where the main characters were brought together by a matchmaker. The twist they meet only the day they marry. This is a clean book with some wit included.55

Nice try forward

Awesome5 star

Great read55


I couldnt finish it2 star

It actually made me a bit queasy that he would be to impatient to wait for her ok. Also that she felt GUILTY that she even asked like holy hell. Going to delete right away. Nonono.25

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