Midnight with You

Midnight with You Summary

When Bailey McBride finishes grad school, her four older brothers give her the gift of a lifetime—a trip to a Hawaiian paradise. She's looking to relax before diving into her professional plans full force.

Seth Greer, a Montana rodeo cowboy, is on the island to guest star in a charity island rodeo. He's got several possibilities for a good career and life lined up. It all depends on what fate sends his way as to which fork in the road he will take. But then he spots Bailey.

Seth's head hasn't stopped spinning since he met gorgeous Bailey who has turned his world upside down and has made him think fate has given him the nudge that she's the one.

Although Bailey has had some bad experiences with men in rodeo, Seth isn't like the others. He's got plans for a life beyond competition, and that includes helping others as well as himself.  Still, he isn't part of her carefully planned future and the only thing she knows how to do anymore is run.

Book Reviews


Cute story5 star

Romance in Hawaii. The story was perfect and the characters were fantastic.55


Great interesting story5 star

Romance, dreamy and even some education.55

C Conti

Midnight with you5 star

Absolutely enjoyed this book, Hawaii sounds beautiful. Great story!55


Midnight with You5 star

A wonderful Love Story, thank you so much,55


Midnight with you2 star

I like this storyline. But it seems the author is somewhat new at her writing career. It could use a good editor. The grammatical and punctuation mistakes aren’t nearly as bad as some books.25


Midnight with You5 star

Sweet romance and a great summer read!55


Fun read5 star

Wonderful love story for two fun characters. This was a book I had been looking forward to as it’s the next one in the series and it did not disappoint. Bailey is so full of joy and Seth is drawn to her from the moment he sees her. Great book!55


Too much3 star

Three stars..all the book seemed to be about was food and going out to eat. Too many details about restaurants and food.35


Midnight with You5 star

Excellent book. Sad to see it end. Connection between the Montana and his lady love was great. Nice to get a glimpse of the previous 2 books children that we didn't know about. Nice touch. Series is worth reading.....April H Jacksonville FL55


So very good!5 star

I loved everything about this book, sweet with off the charts sexual tension and some very hot, hot, Hot page burning sexy times. Bailey McBride is on a trip of a lifetime after finishing grad school. She will spend 2 weeks with her best friends, when they are able to get there. Seth Greer spends 2 weeks every year on Moni in Hawaii, on his way over on the ferry he spots a beautiful woman and finagles a taxi ride with her. They just happen to be staying at the same resort. They have an instant attraction but neither will admit to their feelings. They each have a life plan and Bailey’s definitely does not include a man at this time. She’d been burned to many times in the past. It was a fast romance but strangely enough it didn’t feel that way. It felt like they took all the steps of falling in love but it was only a little more than a week. Miscommunication and lies by omission just might end a relationship of a lifetime.55

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