No More Tears

No More Tears Summary

A riches to rags cowboy. A hardened cowgirl. The gunshot that erases all doubt.

Laura Warner knows nothing but horses. Her entire life has been lived on a ranch. It’s her love, her dream, and aside from the love of her life, Quentin, it’s the only thing that she ever thinks about. But when tragedy strikes at Kelsey Ranch, Laura is left to care for the horses and the land with the help of her siblings. Years later, Laura feels content with life, but when a gunshot blasts only days after she has to make a difficult decision, Laura learns that everything happens for a reason…and it doesn’t always lead to more hardship…sometimes it leads to happiness. But can she convince herself that this is possible?

Grayson Thomas is an out of work lowlife, who just happens to have world class siblings that drag him out of his rut days after he loses everything, or gives everything up, depending on one’s perspective. When he makes the decision to flee from El Paso and move to Huttonville, just outside of Dallas, his brothers give him their thumbs up. Grayson has no idea that he’s about to step into the world that he does, and when a gunshot blasts on his second day in Huttonville, he’s left wondering if he should make tire tracks back to El Paso, or stay in Huttonville.

When Laura’s face becomes a staple in Grayson’s life, what was once a demon craving becomes a distant memory. What he once worked hard for and lost soon becomes something that he may have again. Things that once brought him to the edges of demise, become obliterated and exist only in random nightmares. Grayson’s tough exterior is softened through Laura’s honest and thoughtful words, and Laura sees life in a new light, and learns to laugh and have fun again with someone that isn’t family. But is this enough? Can two people who have been through so much, lost everything and worked hard to gain it back, learn to trust enough to let their guard down and see life and love for what it is? Short answer, yes. They both do. But just when they do, someone who has been watching from afar swoops in and threatens to take everything.
Can they survive yet another tragedy…and more important, will they have to?

This is a book about survival and love. In that order. This series is the start of a huge helping of feels. Each story has medium heat and a cliffhanger ending, so be sure to read the books in their proper sequence. Get addicted today!

Book Reviews


Incomplete story1 star

The story is nice and good development. Nevertheless, it not a complete free book. They leave you hanging so you buy the rest of the story. This is shameful.15

Cris Ipod

Poor start and no ending1 star

The start of the book is 3 chapters of blaming a desperate, poor man for: 1) having a sick wife, 2) having no health insurance, 3) having a large family, and 4) committing suicide after he is fired by the protagonist from his lifelong job, which was his own way to provide for said family and sick wife. Book ends on a cliffhanger. The middle of the book is better, but doesn’t make up for the beginning or end.15


Abrupt Ending2 star

Good story, but it ends in the middle of the action, so you have to purchase the next book. It finishes this book a few chapters in, and then proceeds with the next book/storyline. I wish they would have just included it all in one book and then continued with the next.25


No more tears1 star

Hated the ending! Stupid to end in the middle of a story15

loving Seventy

Nomoretears4 star

I loved the book up until you left me hanging, that’s not good and I refuse to pay read the next book, sooty I am done.45


Fantastic5 star

Easy exciting read that you cannot put down. The suspense kept me reading into all hours of the night. I cannot get enough of Grayson and Laura’s characters. I’m sold on the next book already!55


Not in a long time!5 star

From the first page I was hooked! I haven’t sat down & read a book in years. Love to read, but too busy on the farm. I started this book & in two nights I was finished. Kept my attention. Each person was interesting & unforgettable. I will continue to read Sandy’s books. Really hated for this one to end!55

Phoned In

Weak1 star

Not fair to call it a cliff hanger! It just doesn’t have an ending. You have to buy the next book.15


Enjoyed5 star

The characters are amazingly written and engaging with undeniable connection. The storyline has great chemistry throughout the pages that had me hooked all the way through to the end. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55

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