The Cowboy's Secret Bride

The Cowboy's Secret Bride Summary

Never step into the middle of a family feud...

Three years ago, millionaire Carl Whitfield proposed to sexy chef Camila Torres. Three years ago she turned him down and sent him into a tailspin. Now Carl's ready to try again—with the help of some unreliable allies. He needs a ranch if he's going to convince Camila he plans to stay in Chance Creek forever, but the only way to get one involves siding with the Coopers in their 100 year old feud with the Turners, a move that just might work—if it doesn’t touch off an all-out war.

Turners vs. Coopers of Chance Creek:
BOOK 1: The Cowboy's Secret Bride
BOOK 2: The Cowboy's Outlaw Bride
BOOK 3: The Cowboy's Hidden Bride
BOOK 4: The Cowboy's Stolen Bride
BOOK 5: The Cowboy's Forbidden Bride

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Cowboys4 star

The reason this received only 4 stars is I was confused about the title. “The Cowboys Secret Bride” at first I thought it might be Olivia and Noah. I was wrong. That couple comes up in the next book “The Outlaw Bride”. As a rehash of the McCoys and Hatfield controversy I found this more entertaining.45


the cowboys secret bride4 star

Very easy to read. Liked all the characters. Recommend it as a good read not to much info on the loving parts. Like some books just enough to keep you guessing. I’ll check on more of your books. Thanks!45


Waste1 star

I barely got past page 40 and I couldn’t take anymore. This book has no story.15


Somewhat confusing4 star

I like Cora Seton books but I felt I should have read a book prior to this one so that I understood all the players better.45


Book 15 star

Wow great new series, more cowboys and Cora’s Fabulous writing style. On to book 2!55


Cowboys Secret Bride4 star

Good story but it bounced around a bit. The beginning didn’t set the stage as well as it could have45

Hope in Gulfport

Love love.5 star

Cora Seton NEVER fails in writing a good story!!!!55

Jen G F

The Cowboy's Secret Bride4 star

ARC for honest review with no compensation The Cowboy's Secret Bride is book 1 in Cora Seton's new series Turners vs Coopers and you can bet this series is just like her others ... awesome!! Carl and Camilla have been circling each other for the past 3 years...she only wants a man who wants to settle in Chance Creek before she make any commitment. Carl wants Camilla for his HEA and is determined to find and buy a ranch except he is a day late whenever a ranch does come up for sale.. another slight problem, Carl lives and works on the Coopers ranch and Camilla with the Turners and trying to stay one step ahead and out of the feuding between these families..and keeping their attraction under the radar. Can these two commit to each other, find a ranch and stay out of the feud or will the feuding families keep these to apart forever?? Lots of twists, turns, feuding, family dramatics, attraction and finding love...45


Excellent5 star

An excellent new Cora Seton book! We've all been waiting YEARS to find out what would happen with Carl Whitfield, just as Carl has waited years to be with Camila Torres. Carl can't catch a break, but when Virginia basically cons him into helping her by baiting the hook with the perfect ranch, he can't say no. Camila has some family issues to deal with, but will do anything to finally be with Carl. There were some snafus along the way to keep it interesting and fun, but they come through to their HEA!55

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