Twice Shy

Twice Shy Summary

It has been nearly five years since Aaron Hammond's wife died in his arms and left him to raise their young daughter alone. Besieged by guilt and grief over her death, he has nearly given up hope of ever finding happiness again… until photographer Skye Hathaway shows up in Northstar. She isn't looking for love, however. She's on an extended vacation to put some time and distance between her and her soon-to-be ex-husband. Aaron's daughter, Jessie, decides to take matters into her own hands and forces Aaron and Skye to introduce themselves. The sparks fly, but only time will tell if Skye and Aaron will be able to move past their painful memories, and with Skye in Northstar for only a few weeks, time is something they don't have in abundance.

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Twice Shy5 star

Great story and love this author. Thank you so much for keeping the nitty gritty sex scenes out of this book….so enjoyable.55

C Conti

Twice shy5 star

Excellent! I cried, several times! Laughed, and totally loved the his book.55


Twice Shy5 star

Wonderful story and great characters. I want to visit Montana even though I don’t like cold weather. Can’t wait to read next in series.55

Money savers

Great read5 star

It was a great story with interesting characters. It was a sweet story.I could just picture the beauty of Montana even though I’ve never been there.55

Hope in Gulfport

Love my romantic westerns!5 star

Characters are kind, story sweet, and captures the feeling of Montana!!55


MUST READ!!!!!!!!!5 star

Great read!! I believe that I Suzie O’Connell is new favorite writer. Twice shy is well written & the story and message are exceptional. I read 3 Suzie books, and they’ll all great👍 ps: good job Suzie and keep writing these great stories!!55


Mountain Angel5 star

A beautiful story of love. The love of family, friends, and between people who have experienced pain. Would recommend it to anyone.55


Super great story!5 star

Loved the story so much I couldn’t put it down.55

Another picky reader

What’s not to love?4 star

This book is awash in charm. The main characters are charming. So is the countryside, the townspeople, the scenery, the weather, yikes! The author was clever enough to develop the plot to build in sufficient romantic tension to make it an enjoyable read, and I look forward to reading more of her books.45

kitty purrr fection

AMAZING!5 star

This book is amazing and it does deserve to be top rated! I’m so happy it is and I’m happy i read it😇55

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