Caught You (A Rylie Wolf FBI Suspense Thriller—Book Two)

Caught You (A Rylie Wolf FBI Suspense Thriller—Book Two) Summary

On a notorious stretch of highway rife with serial killers, new victims are appearing, their cars crashed off the road by a reckless killer, their bodies missing. What madness drives this serial killer? And can FBI Special Agent Rylie Wolf uncover the pattern and catch him before he disappears for good?

In CAUGHT YOU (A Rylie Wolf FBI Suspense Thriller—Book Two), Rylie, still haunted by a near miss with a murderer during her childhood, tries to avoid facing her past, while hunting down this new killer. When the case leads her down an endless rabbit hole, she’s forced to look for answers in unlikely places, even turning to people she hoped to never speak to again.

But she can’t open up to her partner about what happened—and the clock is ticking before this killer strikes again.

In a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse, can Rylie battle her demons and piece together the answers in time?

Or will her demons drive her over the edge?

A complex psychological crime thriller full of twists and turns and packed with heart-pounding suspense, the RYLIE WOLF mystery series will make you fall in love with a brilliant new female protagonist and keep you turning pages late into the night. It is a perfect addition for fans of Robert Dugoni, Rachel Caine, Melinda Leigh or Mary Burton.

Books #3-#6 in the series—SEE YOU, WANT YOU, TAKE YOU, and DARE YOU—are now also available.

Book Reviews


Caught You4 star

This book is so amazing! It has suspense, mystery and it keeps you guessing. This book is so fun I would totally recommend it if you are into mystery and crime!..45


Caught You5 star

Enjoyed the book! Glad it ended well. Really love your books.I will be reading more! Thank you!55


Caught you5 star

Great book. I started reading and read this book in two days!55


Caught you4 star

I like your stories and characters, but get a decent editor. The inconsistencies in your books drive me nuts. For example, in your first two books: in then same scene a character outdoors went from the ground to the floor to the ground, a vehicle went from a truck to a car to a truck, the characters went from Wyoming to Arkansas to Montana all before lunch, a character went from 48 to 42, a character who was twelve (or 15 depending on which number you used) 15 years ago is now mid thirties. It drives me nuts. You should be able to fix this easily.45

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