Deadly Start

Deadly Start Summary

Starting over has never been more dangerous...

Charlotte loves her new job at Rosie's bookshop in the small town of Kingfisher Falls. One day she will buy the store, but for now she's content to learn the ropes and forget her troubled past. Even the snobby book club ladies can't dampen her spirits.

But when a strange series of crimes casts suspicion on all the wrong people - including Charlotte - she can't stand back and watch. Charlotte begins her own investigation, and Rosie is more than happy to help. With the community divided and criminals on the loose, the annual Christmas Eve street party is about to change lives forever, and Charlotte is the only one who can prevent a disaster.

So much for keeping her head down.

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Deadly Start4 star

Like all book detectives, she sticks her nose in to see who she makes nervous. I wonder if that happens in real life? Australian details are good - a hot and sticky Christmas required, but the constant decay and disrepair of a tropical setting like a stairway to a waterfall is above and beyond. I know something about genetic degenerative disease, only in a huge family, as opposed to a small, isolated one - i wouldn’t care to argue which is worse. It sure is a busy book.45

yo stop with the nikname

Great read4 star

It was a good read and left me wanting to know about Charlie’s secret and hope for live between her and Trevor and Rosie and Lewis.45


Deadly Start5 star

Enjoyed reading the book! Will try to read more of your books! Thanks!55

River Quest

Deadly Start5 star

Loved this book and look forward to finding out more about Charlie and the people in Kingfisher Falls. The cats add a special interest to the story!55

i luv reading

Deadly start4 star

Really enjoyed the interaction between the people in the town. Heartfelt, excellent instruction on how to live life.45


Deadly start5 star

Wonderful characters Suspenseful Quaint town Makes me want to read more55

Bend in like a Bohemian

fresh starts and old baggage4 star

Charlie carries with her a lot of pain from her past. She is not the only one. Sadly other have honed the pain and anger into weapons to wield against others who could really use support Will those seeking vengeance destroy Christmas holidays for others, and maybe force more dire consequences? A dangerous situation indeed when the local constable seems determined to harass some folks and cast a blind eye towards others, acting at least in part on his own drive for power and vengeance. Can Charlie and Rose hold onto hope and help share the holidays spirit? Intense thriller plus whodunnit plus bittersweet family growing pains .45


Deadly Start4 star

I liked the book and the characters. However, it indicated that this was the first in a series which technically it’s not. I was confused as to many other characters and situations mentioned from another town that Charlie had lived in. Researched the author and found out there are many other books featuring these unknown characters mentioned in this book. I feel like that needs to be spelled out if they’re going to be mentioned in this book as much as they were. Which was quite a bit. I get that all characters in a book have a background that will eventually get sorted out but this method was a bit odd imo. But still enjoyed the book. Hope this makes sense?45

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