Not Me (A Camille Grace FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 1)

Not Me (A Camille Grace FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 1) Summary

In this new series by #1 bestselling—and critically-acclaimed—mystery and suspense author Kate Bold, Camille Grace, a rising star in the FBI’s BAU unit, is dispatched to the one place she vowed to never return: the deep South. A string of murders by a suspected serial killer outside New Orleans forces Camille to face her Creole roots, her tortured past, estranged family—and her buried secrets.

“Phenomenal debut with a huge creep factor… So many twists and turns, you’ll have no idea who the next victim will be. If you love a thriller that will keep you awake well into the night, this book is for you.”
—Reader review for Let Me Go

Camille’s frustrations mount as she struggles to connect with her newly-assigned partner and as clues don’t add up. To make matters worse, Camille is haunted by memories of her sister’s disappearance years ago—and this new killer’s victims seem to fit the same description.

Could it be the same killer?

Camille knows she must enter this killer’s twisted mind if she has any hope of stopping him in time.

But will he take her down with him?

A riveting psychological crime thriller full of mystery and suspense, the CAMILLE GRACE mystery series will make you fall in love with a brilliant new female protagonist. Packed with twists and turns, her story will keep you flipping pages late into the night.

NOT ME is book #1, and books #2-#5 in the series—NOT NOW, NOT WELL, NOT HER, and NOT NORMAL—are now also available.

“This is an excellent book… When you start reading, be sure you don’t have to wake up early!”
—Reader review for The Killing Game

“I really enjoyed this book… It draws you in right away and keeps you turning the pages right up to the end. I am really anticipating the next book.”
—Reader review for Let Me Go

“WOW what a great read! Talk about a diabolical killer! Really enjoyed this book. Looking forward to reading others by this author as well.”
—Reader review for The Killing Game

“Excellent start to a new series… Get this book and read it, you will love it!”
—Reader review for Let Me Go

“Captivating and riveting serial murder with a twist of the macabre… Very well done.”
—Reader review for The Killing Game

“Good read with good plot, plenty of action, and great character development. A thriller that will keep you awake into the night.”
—Reader review for Let Me Go

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Not Me5 star

Good to meet a new FBI Agent. Love her cool attitude. Glad she left the leech she was living with. Cannot wait for the next story😊❣️55

secret service1

Not Me4 star

Great read. Very engaging45


Not Me5 star

Great book really held my attention55

River Quest

Not Me4 star

This story takes you to a different sort of world most of us know little, if anything, about. It obviously guides one to another story which may explain more about Agent Grace’s history and what comes next. The negatives are lack of editing. There are many misspelled words and missing words which should have been caught.45


Not Me5 star

You never know what to expect in a murder mystery, and this one is certainly case in point! Page turner!55


Same as the usual FBI serial killer series.3 star

It appears that the same author, using different aliases keeps writing the same book over and over. The canny loner woman FBI agent with a dark past and missing sister (yes, they all have missing sisters who disappeared in childhood) faces the crimes of a serial killer with a distinct pattern and solves the mystery. The FBI agent is given a different name, home town and traumatic childhood experience, but essentially the characters and plot are similar. Why not write the continuing saga of a single character?35


Dark5 star

The author did a fantastic job with the characters and the plot. This is a dark suspense full of mysterious characters and murder. Great read.55


Multiple murders on NOLA5 star

This was set in NOLA, one of my favorite cities. I don’t like aggregates of people, traffic, bright lights, violence, but I do love music, great food, elegant spaces, languid voices, and southern soul. All this can be found in NOLA with Cafe au latte, and Beignets in the Old quarter watching residents and visitors shopping and checking out the offerings in the French Market after. The setting and characters are the best thing about this offering. Otherwise a standard Police Procedural.55


Good book but lots of mistakes3 star

This is a good book but it had a number of simple mistakes that should have and could have been caught with a good proofreading. It’s sad that it was published with all of those. Spelling mistakes, omitted words, and sentence fragments are a few of the issues. It kind of made me think I was reading something written by one of my sixth grade students!35


Bad grammar2 star

While the story line was good I got so tired of the grammatical errors and the incorrect facts. Did no one proof read this story?25

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