History Adventures, World of Characters

History Adventures, World of Characters Summary

Looking for the best way to learn World History? Travel back in time to 1750–1900 with award-winning History Adventures and experience the stories of 5 amazing characters who lived during this dynamic period—brought to life with the help of animation, interactivity, and visual effects.

‘History Adventures is the first of its kind, tackling the history of the world in a format that keeps students wanting more.’ © Film Daily

History Adventures is a non-profit organization creating a revolutionary interactive learning experience that will enhance and broaden student comprehension of the complex world around them.

Developed by Spencer Striker, PhD, History Adventures is taking world history education to a whole new level with 3D experiences, data visualizations, sound effects, and amazing graphics. Importantly, you will also be able to test your comprehension by taking multimedia, rich assessments at the end of each character narrative.

History Adventures blends the latest innovations in mobile entertainment design and technology—including animation, music, motion, and sound effects, with the powerful storytelling method of narrativizing the life stories of peoples who lived in past centuries, in different ages and locations around the world, with an innovative, cross-disciplinary curriculum, optimized for digital learning. 

The current edition of History Adventures covers the period from 1750–1900 through the lens of 5 amazing people living through complex flash-points in time.

Main Characters:
- Agent 355, (a slave... and an American Revolutionary War spy)
- Jiemba, (an indigenous Australian at Botany Bay when the British convict ships arrived)
- Fei Hong, (a Chinese family man, surviving the Opium Wars)
- Khari, (a native rebel resisting Belgian oppression during the (so-called) Congo Free State)
- Thomas Brown, (a muckraking reporter, working to expose the malpractice of the Chicago Meatpacking Industry).

If you are getting ready for the AP World History Exam, just download History Adventures. Getting ready for college, voila—History Adventures. Or maybe you are no longer studying, but just want to improve your general knowledge of history, or relax and enjoy a fascinating and engaging digital book while distracting yourself after a long day—then History Adventures will come in hand too. 

We know how important education is and to make sure everyone has a chance to improve and enrich their knowledge of World History, we’ve made our book available completely free of charge for everyone.

Download our fully animated, interactive digital book now, and let the history adventures begin!

Book Reviews


Opens the imagination!4 star

This creative, interactive approach to telling history was very good for my kids. Made them interested in history. Instead of normal boring textbook, the Conscribo story freed up their imaginations45

Sofia Ali78

History as digital comics5 star

The stories are awesome but way too short55

Chelsea Howell898

Great5 star

I definitely recommend if you're a fan of American history, if you enjoy Turn Washingon's Spies55

Dylan Atkinson9`

Helped my daughter learn history5 star

We studied History Adventures together and I appreciated the use of story, animation, and visuals to make the history feel more alive and real. Recommend for high school students getting ready for college.55

James Bull80

Cool way to show history5 star

I hope they make it into a movie someday!55

Evan Bates92

Good imagination!5 star

Creative approach to telling history. Was very good for my kids. Made them interested in history. Instead of normal boring textbook, the stories got their imaginations going55


Great characters5 star

Beautiful and engrossing storytelling. Awesome way to learn through characters.55


Cool Concept, Bad Historiography2 star

I shouldn’t be surprised that the historiography is from a Marxist, anti-capitalist view. This type of history has been debunked time and time again. Other than that, the concept of the how the story is told is amazing.25

Khider alsamurai

Great stories and characters5 star

Creative portraits of history makes learning fun55


Engaging5 star

It’s always been hard for me to stay engaged when studying, but the interactive element of this book really kept my attention, and the pages turning. Now I think I’ll have a fighting chance the next time I play trivia!55

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