Hit List

Hit List Summary

Stone Barrington faces down a vengeful miscreant in this latest heart-stopping thriller from the #1 New York Timesbestselling author

When Stone Barrington finds his name on a hit list, he plans to lie low until the culprit is caught. But when this foe shows no signs of stopping until his deadly objective is realized in full, Stone is left with no choice but to face the problem head-on.

Armed and alert, Stone joins forces with his most savvy connections to catch the perpetrator before the next strike. But it turns out this scum is an expert at evasion in more ways than one, and the international cat-and-mouse hunt that ensues has Stone questioning if he has become the predator or the prey. . .

Book Reviews


Just Awful1 star

In every way- silly plots, one dimensional characters, laughable dialogue and even bad narration. i'm a guy and the way the female characters were written was insulting to me even (and i'm a James Bond fan.... do the math). pass this one by15

flanman 3.14

Hit list1 star

One of his worst books . Do not waste your $$15


Worst read ever1 star

Had to force myself to finish. Jumped all over the place. Boring read.15


Hit list5 star

Excellent book. Could not put it down.55


The Hit List1 star

Could not finish this book. Boring. Slow. Don’t bother.15

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