American History in 50 Events

American History in 50 Events Summary

American History in 50 Events
Have you ever wondered why America is the way it is? 
Do you want to understand the events that have shaped American culture? 
Are you interested in seeing the long-term historical connections that explain how America moved from a group of colonies to the most powerful nation in history

If so, this book is for you. In simple, straightforward language, this book will take you on a brief journey through the highlights of American history. Filled with interesting facts and historical context, this book is a must-read for those who are passionate about history or are simply interested in better understanding the history of the United States. 

Inside you will read about...
- Columbus' famous first journey
- Founding of Plymouth Colony
- Boston Tea Party
- Battles of Lexington and Concord
- War of 1812
- Spanish American War
- The Roaring Twenties
- The Moon landing
- 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
- And much more!

Broken down into a series of fifty easy-to-read selections, this book will take you from Pre-Columbian settlement up to current events of today.

Book Reviews


Native Americans?3 star

Would have been great hearing more about them, rather than summing it up to "European and Asian divergence"35


American History in 50 Events2 star

Poorly proofread with dozens of syntax, grammatical, and spelling mistakes. No mention of 7 years war? Korea? Govt treatment of indigenous peoples? Not worth purchasing.25

Paper n haters

Great5 star

This is a well written book, as well informative. The author does a terrific job summarizing keys events that molded America. Most of this information were taught to us in school, so it was a good refreshment of America history. Enjoy :)55


Decent book5 star

The book is very well-put and event oriented. I love it more than any history lessons. Keep up the good work!55


Great for being free4 star

The book was an easy and simple read, but sharpened my knowledge on some great moments in history. There are some typos and poorly worded sentences here and there but beggars cannot be choosers!45


More info on 9/11 maybe?5 star

I think in some parts of this really well made book there just wasn't enough information on the bigger events let's go with 9/11 for example you did a good job on describing what happened but then it just stopped.55


Basically brief Wikipedia summary for each event.4 star

This book was informative and had the basic information of American history. I am a history major and realized that there were a few grammatical errors and minor issues regarding some people discussed in the book. Overall the information was basic but good. It was what I expected a book about the main 50 events of American history would be about.45


Very good I did not expect a book this entertaining about US history5 star

Thank you55


Not bad3 star

I wasn’t expecting much from a free book with under 50 pages, but the author does a good job of giving a (very) brief synopsis of the majority of American history. He left out some key events, such as JFKs assassination, Clinton’s impeachment, the French-Indian War, Watergate, and the Korean War. Would it have been that difficult to do 55 events instead of 50?35


Like the idea, execution a little sloppy3 star

I liked this book, but it had several issues: 1. Incorrect grammar, misspelled or misused words sometimes. It should have been proofread better. 2. Sometimes the opinion of the author would show through. I guess this is OK, but it’s not a book of pure facts for sure. 3. I think there are some mistakes. For instance... it said the Great Recession happened in 2007. I believe things collapsed in Sept. 2008. Am I wrong? There were a few other instances where I thought, “that doesn’t sound correct”, but I can’t remember what they were. All in all it’s a good book though. I like the overview of history it provides, and the fact that it is in small bites, not long dissertations. It’s a very quick read. Would be interesting to see how the author would summarize the Trump presidency, once that is complete. :)35

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