Jackpot Summary

Teddy Fay hedges his bets in the latest thriller from #1 New York Times-bestselling author Stuart Woods.

When Peter Barrington and Ben Bachetti come under threat while working at a film festival abroad, Teddy Fay is lured to the glittering city of Macau to resolve the problem. He'll soon come to find that world of posh casinos, luxurious developments, and boundless wealth has a dark underbelly of crime and political intrigue . . . and that the biggest players behind the scenes may be far closer to home than anticipated. With international deals and private vendettas at stake, the villains behind the plot aren't about to let Teddy stand in their way. What they don't know is that this seemingly harmless film producer has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

Book Reviews


Boring1 star

This was the most boring Stewart Woods book I’ve ever read and I have read them all. Really disappointing15


Jackpot1 star

I have read all Stuart Woods books. This book is awful. Confusing. Plotless. Totally out if character for Teddy Faye and the Stone Barrington theme. Please fire this terrible sub-writer. Your fans feel cheated in paying for this albatross.15


Disappointing1 star

Cardboard characters and jumbled plot.15


Jackpot2 star

I completed it just waiting to see if it got any better. It didn’t, Ghost Writer???25


Unfortunate2 star

Read all of Mr. Barrington‘s books. And that’s a bunch. This one however just does not make the cut. Sloppy confusing writing and plot. Hopefully the next one will Bring back the old Mr. Woods.25


So disappointed1 star

I am a huge Stuart Woods fan, but there’s no way he wrote this book. It is so sloppy and badly written. I hope he starts writing on his own again.15


Jackpot1 star

Stuart Woods need to write by himself. This book was boring and difficult to finish. Very little excitement and way to many characters who were difficult to follow.15


Jackpot1 star

this is the most boring book ever written by Stuart .15


Terrible1 star

This could be written by a fifth grader. Stuart Woods should be ashamed to put his name on something like this. Who edited this tripe? Don’t waste your time. It’s impossible to read more than a couple of chapters. Shame on them.15


Stuart please loose this Bryon Querter something1 star

Why destroy Teddy Fay image after so many entertaining adventures15

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