Art Model Studio, Vol. 4

Art Model Studio, Vol. 4 Summary

A photo reference gallery for artists and student artists to practice the art of figure drawing.  This is a book of high quality photos of a live nude model in artistic and tasteful poses. You know how expensive it can be to hire a model on a regular basis for your practice. With this inexpensive ebook you can work with a live model at anytime. Made exclusively for the iPad, now you can take your model with you anywhere. The high quality photos feature tasteful poses, the style and types you would find in a working art studio in addition to some fun and unique looks. The lighting emphasizes shapes, creating shadows and forms that will help you in your figure study. The ebook contains approximately 70 full color images. The book cover is discrete, so as not to draw attention to the content. Better for keeping it away from the eyes of those you don't want using it. Recommended by art instructors for their students of all skill levels!

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