The Diary of Anne Frank (The Definitive Edition)

The Diary of Anne Frank (The Definitive Edition) Summary

Among the most powerful accounts of the Nazi occupation, "The Diary of Anne Frank" chronicles the life of Anne Frank, a thirteen-year old girl fleeing her home in Amsterdam to go into hiding. Anne reveals the relationships between eight people living under miserable conditions: facing hunger, threat of discovery and the worst horrors the modern world had seen. In these pages, she grows up to be a young woman and a wise observer of human nature. She shares an unparalleled bond with her diary, which holds a detailed account of Anne's close relationship with her father, the lack of daughterly love for her mother, admiration for her sister's intelligence and closeness with her friend Peter. Anne Frank's account offers a compelling self-portrait of a sensitive and spirited young woman who turns thoughtful and learns of the many terrors of the world.

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Typos and the like3 star

Why on earth are there typos and grammatical errors on nearly every page? Should have borrowed a real book from the library.35


way too many ypographical errors3 star

The story itself is an unforgettable read, but this edition is loaded with typographical errors.35


Wow5 star



Couldn’t put it down5 star

Great book!55


Good5 star

A lot of spelling errors due to poor optical scanning. I appreciated the good translation and additional parts supposedly left out of other versions.55


Buy a different edition - too many typos4 star

Book itself is wonderful, but there are so many typos even the names are confusing. If I hadn’t read this before as a child I would not have been able to decipher some of them.45


Great book but3 star

This version has a ton of spelling errors35

Tisha Tasha

Anne Frank5 star

Loved the realism, by not correcting typos. Keeping it as Anne Frank wrote it. Thank you for not censoring her.55

Houdini is alive

Some people shouldn’t write reviews.5 star

I really enjoyed reading the Diary of Anne Frank. Knowing the outcome that Anne Frank and her family were murdered or died of disease, made it difficult reading to the end. This book is a DIARY written by a teenage girl, who lived under stress of being confined for years in a back room of a building in Amsterdam, yes there will be errors, yes there are typo’s BUT that’s they way she wrote. Some people just shouldn’t write a review, this book is a DIARY not a NOVEL, don’t change history.55

From a begginer at reading!


There is way to many mistakes in this book, someone needs to go through it and fix the errors in the book. Like simple typos I was insulted by the lack of checking for mistakes was made before putting it up for sale. You get what you pay for I guess!! As for the read and the book, amazing book and amazing look at the “so called Holocaust” I say it like that because the literal meaning of Holocaust is the complete destruction of a people, but thank G-d the Jewish people are thriving less than a hundred years later. You get such a close and personal look at Anne Frank’s life in hiding. It grabs your attention and you get a close look at the details of hiding during the Holocaust, and you get the know Anne pretty well. Since it’s written from Anne’s point of view, (teenagers point of view) it makes the horrible events of the war that much more scary and real. Happy reading but beware this book has too many errors and easy fix mess ups that mess up the flow too many times to count because of the publisher. Please fix it!!15

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