This and That

This and That Summary

Once available and appreciated only by researchers, these stories remained buried in the British Columbia Archives until 2007. Finally, readers are given a new glimpse into Emily Carr's life with this collection.. Carr began to write these stories in the last two years of her life. She wrote of the project: ... they are too small each to be taken singly, but each, complete in itself, serves to ornament life which would be a drab affair without the little things we do not even notice or think of at the time but which old age memory magnifies. This collection illuminates her life and is available to all in This and That: The Lost Stories of Emily Carr. Enter Emily's world with stories like Father's Temper, The First Snow and Smoking with the Cow, stories in which she reveals details of her family life, school days, her fascination with nature, animals she loved and how she learned to smoke.

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