Siddhartha Summary

Siddhartha follows the story of an Indian man who undergoes a spiritual voyage during the era of the Buddha in ancient India. Hesse’s novel touches upon the central themes of Buddhism including the four noble truths and the eight-fold path. 

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An amazing transformation5 star

It’s hard to digest this book all at once. Multiple readings of the same passage are required to truly grasp the depth which Herman Hesse so eloquently interjects. An absolutely fantastic book, one you can lose yourself in. Indeed, a book that makes you think.55

Savage Skyy

Read the book 🗣5 star

I’ve only read this book for my 11th grade English class with no intentions of liking it. However, I’ve loved this book for the fact that it was so clear and understanding. Also, it wasn’t super long even though it was a historic book. ✍🏾 ;I don’t read books but I love this one 💅🏾55


Hell1 star

Worst book I've ever read in my entire life. I'd rather gouge my eyeball out with a rusty spoon15


Quietly wonderful4 star

I read this as a young person and re-read again many years later. Many years later, so much of it resonates and is clearer to me, similar to Sidd's own journey in the story.45


Incredible read5 star

I must admit it was hard to get into at first, I have a hard time with books in general and imagining the characters and whatnot but I'm sure not everyone is like that. Once I became immersed in the journey of Siddhartha I couldn't stop reading. This book is great and even more great to the one who reads it that applies what is learned to their own lives. I feel a mental clarity I didn't have before. Very eye opening and made me realize I have been living like all too many others and not thinking clearly. Enjoy55


Wonderful5 star

I bought this book for a class and never read it, but held onto it for about 5 years. I came to have and intrest in Buddhism and then read this book. It is an inspiring and wonderful journey of the spirit. The simple truths it holds are stepping stones for a deep spiritual life and a quiet, peaceful heart.55

Penn the great

Siddhartha5 star

I read this book for a school project and it was truly inspiring. It has opened my heart and soul to a whole new religion and many new ways of living. I loved this book.55

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