Instinct Summary

Tap into your God-given intuition and start achieving ultimate success with this inspiring #1 New York Times bestseller from Bishop T.D. Jakes.
If you have ever felt misaligned, this book is for you. If you have lost the rhythm, the passion, or the thrill of living in alignment, then keep reading. As He did with the very cells that comprise our bodies and the dry bones that were joined together for new life, God has given us deeper instincts to be attracted to those things that fit a higher and better purpose.
Never settle for less than God's best for your life.
Some people have the courage to move beyond the ordinary, from the methodical mediocre into the revolutionary realization of where they belong. You can have this sense of belonging only when you connect to your core calling. The calling to creativity, the calling to teach, to give, to build, are all part of allowing your instinct to guide you to the "something more" that you suspect is out there.
If you are ready to break through the confines of where you are and discover where you are meant to be, then Instinct is your key!

Book Reviews


Instinct5 star

Excellent Book!55


Wow5 star

What an amazing book. Words cannot begin to describe how impactful this book is. It's a must read....55


TD Jakes Instinct5 star

This book is a must read it is inspirational, dead on and for anyone to read55


Amazing5 star

This book has opened up my eyes and taken to different dimensions. I'm so inspired and fulfilled after reading this book, I would recommend it to everybody!55


Blessings!5 star

I just finish reading Instincts, what an intelligent and dynamic read. I have been truly blessed by the reading, wisdom and creative delivery of this book. I own several of Pastor Jakes books and he continues to deliver an excellent message and guide for ones life. You can always hear God's message in his readings. This was exactly the words of encouragement and support I, need at this moment. I was immediately drown to the book when I first heard about it. I was so drown I bought it twice; iBook and paper back for my home library. For some reason I needed to see the book, feel it and have it in my home. Now I know why, God had some messages for me in this book. Thank you Pastor Jakes for your journey and willingness to always share to encourage others. I pray that I can motivate and encouraged others in my walk and new direction as I've been called to do..... Peace and God's Blessings! K. Finley55


'More Than I had Anticipated'5 star my friend suggested we read this book together and discuss it. I am not a T.D. Jakes 'fan' so I was disinclined at first. After reading this life awakening book, I am still not a T.D. Jakes fan. 'I am a T. D. Jakes student.' I am FINALLY informed, enlightened, and at peace with the answer to the dreadful million dollar question, 'what is my purpose?' Just spending some quality time reading this book has freed even more quality time for me to explore my life's opportunities. I was afraid to be on the bandwagon. I was allowing turtle advise to be slung wayyyy up in my face. Oh, what I would have missed!!!!!!!!! But not anymore, using what God has given 'me' to nourish myself...No longer am I with the 'I don't run with the crowd' pack. I'm tending to my own fruit tree and I welcome dining with other like minded 'giraffes', oops, people. Keeping in mind 4 principles : inspiration-Intersections-INTEGRATION-Execution. Thank you Mr. T.D. Jakes. 'Keeping My Head Up' God Bless you!!!!!!55


Mini skirt5 star

This book was very well written as I could hear my Bishop's voice behind the words on the pages. It was like a mini skirt!! Continue to allow God to use you as you bless others with your gifts.55


Awesome Read!5 star

This was a great read especially for this time in my life. I have used intellect at the expense of instinct, but I'm now truly embracing what it means to be still so I can hear.55

Pastor Marlando

WOW1 star

This book has been a tremendous blessing to my life especially in this season. Their are dreams that God has placed in my heart and the principles that I've learned in this book have given me the courage to pursue my instincts. This book is a must read! I highly recommend it. Pastor Marlando Jordan Kennewick, WA15

I downing

Life changing!5 star

Amazing book!55

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