Sublime Classic Catholic Super Pack

Sublime Classic Catholic Super Pack Summary

The Catholic Church is over two thousand years old. It has an amazing history and many historical writings. Here are twelve important historical writings on faith and the Kingdom of God, written by scholars and saints alike. There are more than one thousand pages of content here that will help you have a better perspective on what it has meant and continues to mean to be a Catholic. Included in this edition are: 'Spiritual Maxims of Brother Lawrence; 'The Practice of the Presence of God' by Brother Lawrence; 'Interior Castle' by St Teresa of Avila; 'Dark Night of the Soul' by St John of the Cross; 'Twenty Poems' by St. John of the Cross; 'Introduction to the Devout Life' by Saint Francis De Sales; 'Treatise on the Love of God' by Saint Francis De Sales; 'Pascal's Pensees' by Blaise Pascal; 'Revelations of Divine Love' by Julian of Norwich; 'The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi' by Saint Francis of Assisi; 'On Cleaving to God' by St Albert the Great; and 'Handbook on Hope, Faith and Love' by Saint Augustine

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