White Fang

White Fang Summary

White Fangby Jack London is a novel that takes place in the Yukon Territory during the gold rush. It follows the domestication of a wolfdog.

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White Fang5 star

This is a great book! I would not recommend it for kids younger than myself(9). It is exciting and scary at some parts. You’ll love it because it has adventure and follows multiple characters.55

Le gamer epic

Trash1 star

Don't waste your time on this boring old book15


Awsome book as good as the movie5 star

Its a great book would definitely recommend55


This book is AMAZING5 star

This is a classic I'm sure of it. But anywho this is the greatest book I ever read so far ,and I think most everyone should read this.😀👍55

Tiny man 111

Amazing Book4 star

Like any good book the beginning wasn't filled with action and I got bored sometimes, but in the middle and the end it was an amazing adventure about White Fang and his three masters.45


Very good book5 star

Very good book. Sad at times and happy at times. If you are uncomfortable with animal abuse then you probably shouldn't read White Fang. But otherwise it's a very good book.55


Amazing! I didn't want it to end!5 star

The way the author describes emotions of the protagonist is breathtaking! This will be my all time favorite book!55

That guy who's cool

White fang is amazing5 star

This book is outstanding as white fang journeys from being born in a cave in the wild to a house in California. I read call of the wild then white fang with my class and I recommend these two books by Jack London to anyone who like action and adventure.55

Shady wolf

Classic5 star

Great book! I highly recommend it.55

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