Chained by Memory

Chained by Memory Summary

The plan is simple. Get to the weretiger realm where a wise woman will be able to help Sarroch and I get a mating bond in place, thus saving me from execution. 

Easy peasy, lemon squeasy. 

Of course it ends up going more like difficult, difficult, lemon difficult. 

Which is why right now I’m standing in the stunning forest of the weretiger realm, facing Sarroch in tiger form. 

Except that it’s not Sarroch any more. Something has taken control of him. Something that for some reason doesn’t like me one bit and is clearly determined to destroy me. 

Little old me with my weak magic, facing off against one of the oldest and most powerful weretigers in existence. 

Anyone care to place a bet on the outcome? 

Or you can just read Chained by Memory now to see how it all goes down.

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