Altina the Sword Princess: Volume 4

Altina the Sword Princess: Volume 4 Summary

Enter Bastian, the third prince of the Belgarian Empire, soon to bear witness to why the war truly began!

Thanks to Regis’s careful planning, the princess’s return to the capital—as well as her subsequent battle with the White Wolf Brigade—ends in her favor. Altina’s army breathes a sigh of relief upon their safe return, but once again that peace is short-lived. Out of seemingly nowhere, the Belgarian Empire is invaded by its neighboring powers. Colonel Oswald Coulthard leads a fleet of steamboats from High Britannia, and the Grand Duchy of Varden launches a surprise attack on Fort Volks!

But what drove them to attack? And how exactly is Bastian, who has gone to High Britannia as a foreign exchange student, involved in the war?

Here is a tale of war, love, and politics, woven by the bookworm and the sword princess.

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