Altina the Sword Princess: Volume 5

Altina the Sword Princess: Volume 5 Summary

What will happen when the bibliophagic tactician Regis faces off against the strategy officer chosen by a queen?

Led by Oswald, the High Britannian Army begins its march across Belgarian soil. Altina’s forces must lend their aid to the losing imperial army, but the Grand Duchy of Varden chooses this exact moment to attack Fort Volks.

Regis proposes a plan to send Varden’s troops packing in a single night, but it comes at a cost: the treasured sword is put out of commission, and Belgarian casualties are continuing to pile up. Will they really be able to protect the Empire!?

As the battle continues, an unexpected encounter reveals more about Regis’s past...

Here is the fifth volume of a tale of war, love, and politics, woven by the bookworm and the sword princess.

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