Magic Bites

Magic Bites Summary

Ilona Andrews invites you to experience the first novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series featuring the intriguing fantasy world of mercenary Kate Daniels…

Kate Daniels is a down-on-her-luck mercenary who makes her living cleaning up magical problems. But when Kate’s guardian is murdered, her quest for justice draws her into a power struggle between two strong factions within Atlanta’s magic circles. Pressured by both sides to find the killer, Kate realizes she’s way our of her league—but she wouldn’t want it any other way…
This edition includes in-depth information about the world of Kate Daniels with descriptions of its characters and factions. Explore Kate’s Atlanta like never before with a quiz to find your place there and with answers to frequently asked questions. And don’t miss the prequel story “A Questionable Client” as well as scenes of events in Magic Bites from Curran’s point of view.

Book Reviews


Has a “get hooked quick” factor4 star

Hoping for more in next book.45


Recommended to me4 star

I really enjoyed the amount of sass from all the characters- such a refreshing read to take me away from real life stressers. I cannot wait to find out more about Kate and Curran - swoon.45

Oswald guy

A good book to start a great series4 star

This book is good but not as good as the rest of the Kate Daniels books. But I do think it gets better when you reread it after reading the rest of the series.45


Can’t Beat the Kate Daniels series5 star

I have reread this series at least three times. Everything you love about urban fantasy can be found in this series.55

math wizard

New People5 star

I read this a long time ago when I discovered the series. At the time I did not do reviews. Now I love doing them. I reread this book to remind myself how Kate met Curran. In this case it is an excellent story of the first time they worked together! Derek is an added bonus which will show up late in other books but he is such an interesting sidekick for Kate. Lots of action/mystery but definitely interesting humor! Romance hmm but lots of interesting exchanges between the two. Read this very interesting book as I give it 10 stars!55


Magic Bites5 star

It's like the Dresden files but better written with a more immersive and interesting world and the series doesn't get all dark and depressing like Dresden files does.55


Fun dive into post apocalyptic urban fantasy5 star

I like the lead, she has a certain abrasive quality that is written to contrast the seriousness of the unfolding events. This book has set the stage for an interesting take on the genre and I enjoyed the artistic liberties taken with Atlanta.55


Lost in this world5 star

I don't have allot of time to read but I always make time for Kate Daniels. This is an amazing book, I have read these books over and over again. I am always looking for similar reads because I just can't get enough.55

Savvy Apper

One of the best Urban Fantasy Series5 star

This is an action packed urban fantasy with superb writing, great character development in a fantastically gritty, wonderfully detailed post-apocalyptic urban setting. The plot moves along at a great pace, with plenty of twists, and the characters get richer as the story unfolds. The world creation is top rate, and the rules of magic are consistent and clever. For me, the best part of this book and the series as a whole are the richly developed characters. There is a small romantic element to this book that builds slowly and satisfyingly throughout the series. Definitely one of my top two favorite authors in this genre (the other being Patricia Briggs).55

Crystal ellegert

Magic bites5 star

Awesome and vividly amazing55

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