Quicksilver - Castle Bound

Quicksilver - Castle Bound Summary

Dreams of adventure finally coming true, but will Dane survive?
A blacksmith can swing a hammer, but can he swing a sword? Dane has just left his smithing apprenticeship to pursue the adventure he has been waiting for his entire life—how will he handle his first taste of the battle? He is young, impulsive, and inexperienced, but the Quicksilver that coats his body might be of more use than originally expected.
Dane’s adventure heats up as he is thrown into battle and meets more of the Royal Guards he so admires. Will they be able to help him in his quest to identify how he survived being coated in the mysterious metal covering his skin? Join him in his journey to find out!

Book Reviews


It’s ok3 star

I liked the pictures more. That’s all I have to say35


LOVE IT5 star

I recommend it for everyone to read55

Stone Marshall Fan#1

Best Book5 star

I have read books, but nothing as good as this55


Very good book!5 star

I love how in each book the problem gets worse, This book is a real page turner!55

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