The Walking Dead #2

The Walking Dead #2 Summary

Rick Grimes drives his police car to Atlanta where he hopes to find his wife and son. He was told that the government had setup safe zones in large cities after the dead came to life and starting killing. On the way the police car runs out of gas causing Rick to search for a new ride which he finds in a nearby farm. Now on horseback Rick continues to Atlanta and upon getting there finds himself surrounded by undead. While fighting a losing battle that had already killed the horse Rick is saved by a young man who leads him outside of the city. The young man tells Rick that the government failed to protect the people in the cities and most of the people were now undead. Rick discovers his wife and son at the camp the young man had taken him to.

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dc fanboy king ffbji

Sheeesh5 star

So good that I horny55


YES.5 star

Thatโ€™s all.๐Ÿ™‚55


The Walking Dead #25 star

Sooooooo Goooooooood!!!!!!!!!!55

TimiAnn's Mom

รmรคลพรฏรฑg p4 star

I love the walking dead comic, I play the video game, and watch the TV show. You should really buy it. The best part is that it gives the next comic, so you donโ€™t have to find it yourself.45


Love5 star

Watch the show and love the comics so far!!55

Good love87

Walking Dead5 star

good comic55


Yay5 star



Best comic book ever5 star

This book was amazing I loved it best comic book I've read55

Zach praise 11

The walking dead5 star

I love this55

Dead 123

Great book5 star

I think it's a great book people should read it if you like the walking dead show and if you like zombies55

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