Off with My Head

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The New York Timesbestselling author of Next Level Basicand fan-favorite alumna of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rulesreturns with the definitive Basic Bitch handbook for surviving your rock-bottom moments.

The year 2020 was going to be the best year of Stassi’s life. Besides getting engaged and feeling like she was on top of the world career-wise, she bought her first house and was planning her dream Italian wedding. The future showed so much freaking promise—until it all went to hell. Stassi may not be perfect—she may have made some (major) mistakes—but she does feel like she has some insight (and plenty of hilarious tales) about getting knocked up, called out, and learning from what went wrong.

Through stories, confessions, illustrations, and plenty of self-reflection and self-deprecation, this new bookgoes behind the scenes and addresses the experience of getting cancelled, getting that positive pregnancy test, and saying “I do” in the backyard instead of in Italy. Stassi won’t hold back about her transformation from proud basic bitch to... proud basic bitch who has a deeper appreciation for what’s really important in life: love, relationships, mutual respect, and, okay fine, an Aperol spritz and some showtunes when you need them most.

Stassi hopes her story will help others see the light at the end of the tunnel in their own lives and make them laugh along the way. She writes about the importance of having a good cry (at work, in the shower, in your closet), ways to navigate social media responsibly (sometimes that means logging the eff off when crowds are chanting, “OFF WITH HER HEAD”), how to practice self-care when wine is not an option, and how nottobecome a Bridezilla—plus she’ll offer tips on marrying your f*ckboy, embracing pregnancy sweats (both cashmere sweats and night sweats), and styling baby OOTDs.

So roll up your bedazzled sleeves…or the sleeves of the tattered robe you’ve been wearing nonstop because you’re at rock bottom; grab a cocktail; and let your favorite (more evolved) basic bitch take you on a wild ride inside the bumpiest year of her life.

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Honest5 star

I love reading this book! It’s refreshing seeing someone own their mistakes! Congrats! Great book55


Never received it and paid for it1 star

Never downloaded but you are charged for!15


Always a Stassi Fan5 star

This book is great. I loved hearing her point of view about her Canceling and how she learned and grew from it. The book also talks a lot about her motherhood journey which I enjoyed!55


Transparent, relatable, entertaining5 star

As a person who has made mistakes (and been crucified for them), I found this book very relatable. She was honest and transparent about her mistakes and I love the growth she has shown. Her discussion about pregnancy, marriage and motherhood were so fun to read. I love how honest she is - I read this in 1 day. Highly recommend55

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