Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk Summary

Featuring David Sedaris's unique blend of hilarity and heart, this new collection of keen-eyed animal-themed tales is an utter delight. Though the characters may not be human, the situations in these stories bear an uncanny resemblance to the insanity of everyday life.

In "The Toad, the Turtle, and the Duck," three strangers commiserate about animal bureaucracy while waiting in a complaint line. In "Hello Kitty," a cynical feline struggles to sit through his prison-mandated AA meetings. In "The Squirrel and the Chipmunk," a pair of star-crossed lovers is separated by prejudiced family members.

With original illustrations by Ian Falconer, author of the bestselling Oliviaseries of children's books, these stories are David Sedaris at his most observant, poignant, and surprising.

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So funny5 star

David is able to zero in on human nature by using animals and the result is pure hilarity!!! Poignant, satisfying satire, that turns the mirror onto society.55


Hilarious4 star

Adult guilty pleasures45


I love David Sedaris but...1 star

I love David Sedaris but this is the worst book I've ever tried to read. I forced myself to read about half of the stories in this collection of shock tales thinking I was going to 'get it' soon. Nope. Why write a book of stories that made animals look worse than people in one horrific crapload of nonsense and cruel intent after another. Now I'm scared to read his next one even though I totally loved all the ones before this. So horrible.15

Vincent Corbo

Different but still cool5 star

This latest book from one of my all time favorite authors is a little different from his others, but it's still a great read. For any skeptics, I say, "Let an artist be an artist and create freely." If you insist on them creating the same work over and over, you prevent them from crafting something that may blow you away in an entirely new way. Amy and David are true artists and continue to blow me away with new and inventive projects.55


Funniest book ever!5 star

I loved listening to this book. And I actually have listened mulitple times. I can't wait to try more of his writing.55


Entertaining the entire read.5 star

This was such a great book. I don't know where he comes up with this stuff but I love it. The stories were varied, entertaining, and sometimes really made you think. Couldn't recommend more.55


I'll rethink my next DS purchase.1 star

Such a disturbing disappointment.15


Interesting4 star

This is really a great take on the fables I used to read as a child. I actually did laugh quite a bit while reading this. It was also a quick read, which can be nice after a long day at work.45


Let down2 star

I love David Sedaris. I have read all his books and even seen him live. I waited 2 hours just to meet him. That said, I was very excited about his new book. I thought his new style would be a fun change. I was so wrong. Yes, there were a couple cute stories about sassy animals and their lives. But then it took a scary, sad turn. Some of these stories are just gruesome and disturbing. Skip this book and do not tarnish your love for David Sedaris.25


When Aesop snapped5 star

This was a particularly good find. As one who doesn't hunker down with a huge novel all the time, but starts and restarts a couple, I found Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk to be perfect. Perhaps it was the use of animals as mouthpieces that made me think of it, but there are some definite fable qualities in these stories. However, through Mr Sedaris, we get the manifestation of a (though still Greek), a modern day storyteller who calls'em as her sees'em. Of course, as with any David Sedaris book because of his history with NPR I found myself hearing his voice as I read, which added to the engagement with the book. These stories of arrogance, phobia, ignorance, jealousy, pity and vanity, to name a few of humanity's not-so-endearing traits, are brought to light when coming from an entirely different species, genus, family or kingdom...but smoking, drinking and swearing like my Aunt Edith. It's like rolling your eyes after each time hearing your mother drone over and over, "your gonna poke your eye out with that thing!" and then finding that the mother used to poke people's eyes out as a wild teenager. There's a shadow to these stories, and Mr Sedaris allows us a glimpse at that shadow, because there's a collective unconscious to the human condition that he's able to connect us to through the use of hens, pigs, gerbils and cats. I didn't want the stories to end, and yet while reading them, my internal voice would continually mumble, "oh...my...god. Doesn't anyone get to experience and enjoy a little blissful ignorance?". But then, if the did, I would have felt cheated and patronized, and wouldn't have finished it...like the three other novels on my bedside table.55

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