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The "unputdownable courtroom drama" (Stephen King) and riveting sequel to the landmark bestseller Presumed Innocent, in which Tommy Molto and Rusty Sabich come head-to-head in a second murder trial.

Twenty years after Rusty Sabich and Tommy Molto went head to head in the shattering murder trial of Presumed Innocent, the men are once more pitted against one another in a riveting psychological match. When Sabich, now 60 years old and the chief judge of an appellate court, finds his wife Barbara dead under mysterious circumstances, Molto accuses him of murder for the second time, setting into motion a trial that is vintage Turow--the courtroom at its most taut and explosive. With his characteristic insight into both the dark truths of the human psyche and the dense intricacies of the criminal justice system, Scott Turow proves once again that some books simply compel us to read late into the night, desperate to know who did it.

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Innocent by Scott Turow5 star

Presumed Innocent, his earlier book with same characters picks up his story 20 years later in Innocent. Both are stand alone but reading them is order is the way to go. Both are very suspenseful and you don’t know the ending until the final pages.55


Bad story1 star

Lost interest in all of the characters about half way through. Not an enjoyable read.15


Justice is rarely achieved5 star

Complex characters. You find yourself rooting for the wrong guy.55


Innocent5 star

Read reviews and totally enjoyed this absorbing page turner end to end.55


Innocent5 star

Could not put it down Great court case55

John Emra

Innocent5 star

What a truly wonderful book Mr Turow has written. It is far more than an excellent legal thriller. It is a fascinating tale of relationships, marriage, love, children, and all that makes up the human condition. It is as riveting as Presumed Innocent - a page turner that you can't put down. More so though it is a remarkable story with characters who can be hard to like but who are all very real. I probably read a few dozen novels a year. This is by far the best I have read in years and easily makes it to the list of the very best I have ever read.55

Bobbi W

Innocent3 star

Turow writes well. His characters seemed a bit thin. Odd that his aloof and enigmatic son should be transformed into the family keystone. The plot twists kept me reading, but after a while seemed forced. I suppose it's just unfair the way life goes. What karma doesn't take out, the fickle finger of fate does. I doubt there will be a sequel.35


Pretty good4 star

It was a good read, but a little jumpy. In a first person narrative, the narrator is not supposed to know what the other characters are thinking. That's the advantage of third person narrative, which doesn't have that limitation. In this book there are three characters giving first person narration, and poor Tommy is stuck in third person. Then the time line jumps all around. Perhaps everyone can do dumb things under stress, but any idiot knows if you find your spouse dead, you call 911 even if the body is cold. Do anything else and the cops will be all over you. Rusty was pretty dumb. I though the final "twist" tied up the "loose ends."45


Innocent4 star

Riveting and moving portrait of a family in crisis and the ties that bind. Mr Turow picks up where he left off with Rusty, Barbara, and Nat and didn't disappoint. A real page turner.45


Inocent5 star

The book was well written and kept me guessing55

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