The Final Cut

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From Catherine Coulter, the #1New York Times-bestselling author of the FBI Thriller series, and J.T. Ellison, bestselling author and ITW Award winner, comes the first book in a brilliant new international thriller series featuring a new hero: American-born, UK-raised Nicholas Drummond.

Scotland Yard’s new chief inspector Nicholas Drummond is on the first flight to New York when he learns his colleague, Elaine York, the “minder” of the Crown Jewels for the “Jewel of the Lion” exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was found murdered. Then the centerpiece of the exhibit, the infamous Koh-i-Noor Diamond, is stolen from the Queen Mother’s crown. Drummond, American-born but raised in the UK, is a dark, dangerous, fast-rising star in the Yard who never backs down. And this case is no exception.  
Special Agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich from Coulter’s bestselling FBI series don’t hesitate to help Drummond find the cunning international thief known as the Fox. Nonstop action and high stakes intensify as the chase gets deadly. The Fox will stop at nothing to deliver the Koh-i-Noor to the man who believes in its deadly prophecy.  Nicholas Drummond, along with his partner, FBI Special Agent Mike Caine, lay it on the line to retrieve the diamond for Queen and country.

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Loved this Story5 star

Really liked the character of Drummond.55


Great read!5 star

This book grabs your attention right away and never lets go. The characters don’t get much sleep and you want to stay up with them.55


Throughly enjoyed this story5 star

This has it all: action, adventure, loss, love, mystery, and magic. And yes, a lot of drama. Great fiction? Maybe not. But a great read that kept me occupied for a whole holiday weekend. Can't wait to read the next book in the series, "The Lost Key."55


the Final Cut4 star

As usual, not disappointed, by Catherine Coulter, what a great collabaration. Enjoyed every minute. Looking forward to the next installment.45

Mackey S.

Final Cut5 star

You have a winner. I normally moan when an established author starts to write books taking on a partner. The two of you are seamless. Can't wait for the next book!55


Final Cut5 star

Great book. Could hardly put it down. Can't wait to read more from this author. Ty55


22 star

Not good at all....It was very predictable and pedantic25


Final Cut5 star

One of CC's best. Hope to read more with Mike and Drummond. Well done.55


Dazzlingly brilliant!5 star

Another amazing FBI story from Catherine Coulter...gripping from the beginning, and thrilling through to the end.55


The Final Cut5 star

I have never written a review before but I had to write this one. It has been a long time since I either read or listened to a book that I could not put down. This was one of those. The history in the boik was very well researched. Plot was great! I am also looking forward to Nick and Mike in the future. Great read !!55

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