The Complete Beginners Guide to Mac OS X Sierra (Version 10.12)

The Complete Beginners Guide to Mac OS X Sierra (Version 10.12) Summary

Every year or so you hear the big pitch: Windows is finally going to be awesome again. The new update is big, grander and a huge overhaul. And then it comes and it’s more buggy, weirder, and less functional than the version that came before! That’s probably what made you consider making the switch—you’re tired of the excuses and you want a computer that just works!

Whether you are a new convert to Mac, still thinking about making the switch, or just want to learn more about Macs, this book will guide you through the Mac OS and help you see how making the switch really isn’t the great leap that you once thought it was.

This book will show you the basics and show you how to do the common day tasks you know on Windows (like right clicking). It will also show you how to get your Mac in sync with your iPad or iPhone, and how to do everyday tasks like change background, find files, and performance tweaks to keep your Mac running like new.

This book is based off of OS Sierra (released September 20, 2016)

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JU571N P

Wait.. what's going on?4 star

Ahem, cough* that's el' capitan err. Umm. Yosemite on the cover... just sayin..45


Great manual5 star

This is very helpful it explains all thing about the new download for MacBook get it you will love it55

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