All About Dog Daycare

All About Dog Daycare Summary

Whether just starting your daycare career or a seasoned veteran in the industry, this book provides proven techniques to give you a blueprint for success.

You will discover
- Basic information for starting a dog daycare including business resources, licensing information, zoning guidance, and legal, financial, and insurance concerns for the daycare owner.
- Forms and record-keeping materials needed to operate a daycare.
- How to provide a safe and stimulating environment that keeps the dogs healthy and happy and the staff safe.
- Optional money-making services that daycare centers can provide.
- Trouble shooting ideas including how to handle clients with aggressive dogs, dealing with contagious diseases, and expelling dogs from daycare.
- How to monitor the relationship within a group of dogs and identify control measures that can be used to maintain stability.
Robin K. Bennett is a certifies professional dog trainer, and an author and consultant for pet care facilities on the subjects of dog daycare, training, and off-leash dog play. She founded one of the largest dog training facilities in Virginia and consults with hundreds of daycare owners annually. Robin has a passion for educating pet care facility owners on safe handling techniques and canine body language with the Staff Training Program she developed with Susan Briggs called Knowing Dogs.

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