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Barack Obama: Uncommon Grace is the first look at the Obama presidency through the eyes of all seven White House photographers who documented his years in office. The book tells the story of this essential time—from Obama’s joyous inauguration to his final bittersweet days in office—through nearly 300 photographs, many never published before. It focuses on Obama the man: his humility and his humanity. It looks at his love of family, his belief in America and his role as a world leader. In a sense, the book is narrated by Obama himself as it is filled with his enduring quotes from public addresses and his memorable recollections. 

Uncommon Grace is a refreshing reminder that takes a close look at leadership, the presidency and America itself.

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Bull1 star


Ron Mud

Emotional Experience5 star

Reading this book and looking at these photographs was an emotional and, at times, tearful experience for me. I am mindful of where we are now and reminded of what we miss in a president who was a caring and humane leader. The book is carefullly and beautifully put together.55

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