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The #1 New York Timesbestseller that charts America’s dangerous drift into a state of perpetual war.

Written with bracing wit and intelligence, Rachel Maddow's Driftargues that we've drifted away from America's original ideals and become a nation weirdly at peace with perpetual war. To understand how we've arrived at such a dangerous place, Maddow takes us from the Vietnam War to today's war in Afghanistan, along the way exploring Reagan's radical presidency, the disturbing rise of executive authority, the gradual outsourcing of our war-making capabilities to private companies, the plummeting percentage of American families whose children fight our constant wars for us, and even the changing fortunes of G.I. Joe. Ultimately, she shows us just how much we stand to lose by allowing the scope of American military power to overpower our political discourse. 

Sensible yet provocative, dead serious yet seri­ously funny, Drift reinvigorates a "loud and jangly" political debate about our vast and confounding national security state.

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Globalstandard Space

Not so bad.3 star

It’s about military power.35


Thorough investigation5 star

She dug deeply to investigate and reveal a dangerous situation that imperils our country, what is left of our democracy, and our world. But she doesn't just tell the bad news; she tells us a way out. A fantastic book, written like she's talking to you, totally readable and interesting.55


Disappointing1 star

Don't waste your cash15


Horrible Book1 star

I am glad Rachel Maddow has no influence on Foreign Policy and National Security. Too bad MSNBC provides her a platform to spew her venom. This book fails to accept the reality of the dangerous world in which we live.15


Drift5 star

Searing indictment of how we have gone off the rails militarily. Patriotic at its core, funny on the surface, scary at its core. A must read. A very important concise study and solutions filled book.55


Rachel Maddow is no Barbara Tuchman!1 star

Her book makes virtually NO mention of the United States' involvement in World War One under Woodrow Wilson, which is actually THE defining event of our extensive intervention in military matters beyond our borders. Maddow's book is lazy, snarky, amateurish and irrelevant. (Yes, I have read it - to the degree I could suffer it.)15


Just finished...My thoughts5 star

Rachel Maddow, ever thoughtful, delivers a very cogent and insightful perspective on the drift of America's policy on warfare, and the processes that are engaged in coming to that dreadful conclusion.55

Goodwin Herrera Family Account

Drift5 star

Rachel Maddow for president.55


Do NOT Buy1 star

I like RM, and I like the book.it would be nice to read it. Unfortunately I bought my copy from iTunes. I won't make that mistake again. The book is missing several pages and is a complete mess. I'll buy the book somewhere else. I will NOT be buying any further books from iTunes.15


Awesome Read5 star

This book is informative. I never knew how much the war policies changed since ww2.55

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