One Last Chance

One Last Chance Summary

There’s only one thing harder than sharing office space with Finn Anderson: keeping my mind off him.

Weeks ago, he kissed me senseless and walked away. But my best friend’s cousin is back – and worse? He’s one of the only people I know in Edinburgh.

With his seductive Scottish accent and alluring blue eyes, one look from Finn sets my heart racing. Exchanging playful quips at office happy hours and smoldering glances through conference room doors proves that our chemistry is undeniable. Our connection, irrefutable. 

But I can’t fall for Finn. Even though I’m halfway there. 

He doesn’t do commitment or relationships. 

Last month, I thought we were done. Over. 

Turns out we’re just getting started.

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One last chance5 star

Loved the story, the characters, I read in 1day TY55


Boring2 star

Boring and predictable25

Bibliophile Chloe

Great second chance romance!4 star

This second chance romance by Gina Azzi is gonna give you all the feels! This is Andrew and Everly's story.  College sweethearts, separated by time and distance have the chance meeting 15 years later... Time has changed both Everly and Andrew.  Everly is living her dream as a country music star, but she is keeping a horrible secret that has scarred her, both mentally and physically. Andrew too has changed, he has a daughter now that is the center of his whole world.  He is recovering from a divorce and has decided that he doesn't need anyone besides his daughter in his world. The chemistry between Andrew and Everly is phenomenal!  Ms. Azzi doesn't draw out the relationship, but makes it quick and instant! It's like time has no meaning with the feelings between Andrew and Everly. There is some angst and some very dark moments, but it just brings more to the story and more to the love between the main characters! It was lovely reading about past characters! It was like a bit of reunion, but it certainly doesn't overshadow the main story! Every story by Ms. Azzi just gets better and better! I cannot wait to see what comes next!45

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