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Miss Amity Doncaster, world traveler, is accustomed to adventure and risk. Benedict Stanbridge, a man of science and a spy for the Crown, has faced danger in the darker corners of foreign lands. Now they are about to face a threat that is shockingly close to home…

One does not expect to be kidnapped on a London street in broad daylight. Yet Amity Doncaster barely escapes with her life after she is trapped in a carriage with the killer known in the press as the Bridegroom. He is unwholesomely obsessed by her scandalous connection to Benedict Stanbridge—gossip about their hours alone in a ship’s stateroom seems to have crossed the Atlantic faster than any sailing vessel could. Benedict refuses to let this resourceful, daring woman suffer for her romantic link to him—as tenuous as it may be.

For a man and woman so skilled at disappearing, so at home in the exotic reaches of the globe, escape is always an option. But each intends to end the Bridegroom’s reign of terror in London. And as they join forces and prepare to confront an unbalanced criminal in the heart of the city they love, they must also face feelings that neither can run from...

Book Reviews

Jane Weisner

Amanda Quick5 star

Another great mystery and love story by Amanda Quick. Globetrotting will never be the same!55


Excellent5 star

This book is more like the earlier Amanda Quick novels. There are no psychics and no other-worldly events. I enjoyed it very much. There are likable characters, a truly horrifying villain, and a happy ending.55


Just as good as the rest!5 star

While I have enjoyed her paranormal romance series, this book is similar to earlier books by Amanda Quick. It is it has all the great traits that make it fun to read: a likable female hero and her counterpart, romance, historical tidbits, mystery and action! I could have read it in one day, but I stretched it out over several days just to enjoy it longer. Welcome back, Amanda!55


Otherwise engaged5 star

There is a little bit of everything in this book. Murder,mystery, romance, humor. I ran joyed it thoroughly I love your stories. Keep those night lamps burning. Nancy in Virginia55


Terrible1 star

The writing is TERRIBLE! I couldn't get past the first two chapters. DO NOT waste your money on this one.15


Not sure .....3 star

Well it was a rather long story ... But more of a mystery than a romance novel ... It was good ... Lots of twists and turns ...but was relieved when it finally ended.35

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