Sinful Fling

Sinful Fling Summary

Rules For Dealing With Your (Insanely) Hot Brother’s Best Friend

1. Don’t spend your time obsessing over how hot and unattainable the HBBF is
2. Do play your cards close to the chest when he starts flirting with you
3. Don’t ask him to take your v-card even though you’ve been dreaming of it forever
4. Don’t give in to your urge to kiss him, no matter how you’re tempted
5. Definitely don’t mistake a hot, drunken hookup for actual feelings
5. Definitely, definitely don’t fall in love with your hot brother’s best friend

Book Reviews

Sexy 5876

Don’t waste your time3 star

I normally love this author. But this book was awful I felt like I was reading about two teenage lovers instead of two adults. And can Olivia whine anymore than she did and Aiden was no better. It was a waste of my time. And then they just ended the book I hate when authors do that they end it with no rhyme nor reason.35


Cute story5 star

Hot sexy couple.55


Incredible book5 star

Truly one of the best books I’ve read55

evette n

Hire a proofreader2 star

Could have been a good book. But so many inconsistencies in the story. I liked the characters and story, but was hard to read with all the errors.25

reader by day

Couldn’t put it down5 star

It’s good , hot55


Potential to be really good but...3 star

...frustrating that many plot points are brought up but then are never mentioned again, and especially annoying that one of the main character’s names wasn’t consistent (honestly?!)35


Must read...5 star

Loved this book! I couldn’t get enough of the characters. ❤️55

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