The Secrets She Carried

The Secrets She Carried Summary

Erin Turner and Cristophe Donakis set the bedsheets alight during their scorching affair. But Erin's hopes of a diamond ring turned to ash when he unceremoniously kicked her out of his bed and onto the cold London streets.

Years later, Erin's world is rocked again when she meets her newest business client. She knows it's him the moment his designer aftershave hits her senses.…

Cristophe is going to make Erin pay back what he believes she stole—in whatever way he demands.… But little does he know that Erin's about to drop two very important bombshells!

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white lolita

The secrets she carried4 star

I love this story but I don’t like how the author had to demonize his first wife in order to justify the termination of their pregnancy. It amazes me how in Harlequin romance that a women can not have free choice about her body but can engage in premarital sex she can be sold into marriage as long as the guy is wealthy or the guy in the story can sleep around and talk about all the women he has slept with and have a low opinion of the “type” of women they did this with. I hope in the future Harlequin Authors will start giving women in the their stories more equality and not make them such slaves to their passion or sex.45


Not a good book....1 star

I've never started book I really wasn't interested in finishing but this one is really, really bad! Don't spend your money!15

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