Didn't See That Coming

Didn't See That Coming Summary

The New York Times Bestseller

Fear. Grief. Loss. Betrayal. Rachel Hollis has felt all those things, and she knows you have too. Now, she takes you to the other side. 

With her signature humor, heartfelt honesty, and intimate true-life stories, #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hollis shows readers how to seize difficult moments for the learning experiences they are and the value and growth they provide.

Rachel Hollis sees you. As the millions who read her #1 New York Times bestsellers Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing, attend her RISE conferences and follow her on social media know, she also wants to see you transform. 

When it comes to the “hard seasons” of life—the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job—transformation seems impossible when grief and uncertainty dominate your days. Especially when, as Didn’t See that Coming reveals, no one asks to have their future completely rearranged for them. But, as Rachel writes, it is up to you how you come through your pain—you can come through changed for the better, having learned and grown, or stuck in place where your identity becomes rooted in what hurt you. 

To Rachel, a life well-lived is one of purpose, focused only on the essentials. This is a small book about big feelings: inspirational, aspirational, and an anchor that shows that darkness can co-exist with the beautiful.

Book Reviews


The lack of empathy to get parents after their loss of a child was enough for me.3 star

A great book if you're going through something like divorce. Author has very little empathy or understanding of the difference between normal grief and the type when you lose your spouse or even worse your child.35

The Shover I-pods

Brings up systemic racism in the first chapter.1 star

Couldn’t get past the first chapter, when she decided to get political and insert her opinions about George Floyd and systemic racism. This type of injection, does not belong or even fit into the subject of divorce. What a turn off.15

Gabbyyy(: Hill!!

Amazing read!!!5 star

I laughed, i cried & i learned. Rachel Hollis delivered a book she didnt see coming but we all needed to come! Thank you.55


Not sure1 star

Was not like her other two known books, this was hard to stay interested in. Felt like she repeated a lot of the known in 2020 and it wasn’t something I cared for.15


Good but not great3 star

I love Rachel, but this book wasn’t her best. I enjoyed the end of each chapter and what we could have learned from the experience and the takeaways. But the book itself, felt rushed. I didn’t get into it like the other books she’s written.35


Yikes.1 star

This book was so disappointing. Don’t even waste your time.15


What’s is the book about?1 star

I read her previous book. Loved it. This one is just so tangled. I found the content to be a big repeat of everything that she’s already talked about before. Nothing new.15


Don’t bother1 star

I used to like her and now I think she’s a huge fake!15


Fantastic5 star

I read this in one day, and I am not a big reader. I love all of her books, and this one did not disappoint55

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