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The ability to sell others is as critical to your success as food, water and oxygen is to life. While you may think that an exaggeration, every person on this planet is required to sell others on their ideas to advance themselves and their goals. The skill of selling is a MUST for promoting yourself, your business and your ideas. While many think that if they do a better job and work hard they will get raises and promotions. The facts prove otherwise though, as the only people that are getting promoted in life are those that are able to most successfully sell their ideas to others. It is said that the number one reason a business fails is a shortage of capital, but the reality is that business fails because of the inability to sell ideas, products and services to the public in quantities great enough to insure its success.
While this book will be read by millions of career sales people it is written for those that do not consider themselves sales people but who want to achieve more success in their life. This book is about how to get more done in your life through selling and to show the reader how success is impossible without understanding the concepts of selling. You will be introduced to incredibly simple ways to sell any product or idea to anyone at any time. You will learn how to get others to "buy in" and agree with your ideas and get behind you and help you.
You will learn strategies that will insure you are successful in life and show you exactly how to get to where you want to go. You will know how to eliminate confrontation and end disagreements with just words and your attitude. You will be shown what the "greats" do to be persuasive, the only reason people don't like sales, how to predict what others will do and say, how to build trust, how to separate yourself from the average, why your prospect gets weird around money, how to "hard sell" without using pressure, the two single most important steps to success in sales and much much more. This is a fresh look at selling and how to use this forgotten art in a respectful, ethical way to get everything you want in life.

Book Reviews


Same as sell or be sold2 star

Loved the book but, it’s the exact same content as ‘sell or be sold’ which I’ve read already.25

Ana Maria Navarro

Realtor5 star

This is a great book for everybody to read even if they are not in sales. I loved it !55


Must Read for anyone who wants to be Great5 star

Gave me a new outlook on selling ... Everyone is selling or buying ... The faster or more u understand that the more success you will have55


Thank you Mr. Cardone!5 star

My income has directly increased as a result of reading this material & listening to Grant's audio program "The closer's survival guide. My name is Terrence Pharr, I work for Toyota of Gladstone as a Sales Consultant, I personally will recommend this book too anyone in my life that is deserving! I am currently taking the "positivity diet"! I will read all the books this man writes & one day write my own on the wonderful subject that is selling, negotiating, & just plain getting your way in life. Hats off!55


Inspiring5 star

I run my own company and have troubles every once in a while. Grants words in this book, I use to keep myself in the right spirits. Good, easy read and read it many times over.55


Life Changing5 star

I read this book in 1 day. It blew me away. But more importantly it began to change my thinking on how I see my profession. I want to change the world, however I need to learn these basic ideas to sell my ideas and reach my goals. Mandatory reading for anyone who wants to ave any grade of success in his/her life. Will read once a month until internalized.55


Sales master5 star

This book is amazing. A great way to reset your thinking to make you more successful. Simple principles to easily make you successful. If your looking to make sales a career or are already a sales person READ THIS BOOK55

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