Winning Summary

From the elite performance coach who authored the international bestseller Relentlessand whose clients have included Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwyane Wade, comes this brutally honest formula for winning in business, sports, or any arena where the battle is fiercely unforgiving.

In Winning, Tim Grover shows why he is one of the world’s most sought-after mindset experts. Drawing on three decades of work with elite competitors, Grover strips away the cliches and rah-rah mentality that create mediocrity and challenges you to embrace reality with single-minded intensity. The prize? Massive success.

Whether you’re an athlete with championship dreams, an entrepreneur building a business, a CEO managing an empire, a salesperson closing a deal, or simply a competitor determined to stand in the winner’s circle, Winning offers thirteen crucial principles for achieving unbeatable performance.

This book reveals the truth about the obstacles and challenges that stand between you and your goals: Winning never lies. Winning knows your secrets. Winning wages war in the battlefield of your mind. Winning wants all of you. And more.

If you’re addicted to the taste of success and crave more, then you’re ready for Winning’sresults-driven performance strategy. And if you’re already winning and want to learn how to execute at a level that will establish you as one of the greatest—so you can own not just this moment, but the next, and the next—this book will show you the path.

Book Reviews

sausageparty_69 (psn)

Wow5 star

Absolute game changer of a book! Wow!55


No lies told5 star

Cut throat and simply Amazing!55


Fire5 star

Amazing author and even a more better person. The winning mentality is very powerful. It’s for everyone to use but very actually do.55


Winning by Tim S. Grover5 star

Excellent book!!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and will be reading his other book, Relentless, as well!55


The only book you’ll need to win about winning5 star

He tells the dirty truth about winning that no one is willing to openly express. This is the book I needed to remind myself that I am not crazy and I’m on the right path to winning!55


Love this!5 star

Tim literally help me put my thoughts into words- a great read!55


Great book, highly recommend5 star

As an active competitor myself, I found that I have a very similar mentality of what it takes to succeed as some of the greats. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a better understanding of what it takes to not only break through and win but consistently win and not get complacent.55


Book is Great5 star

This has to be one of the greatest books and I encourage everyone to read it.55

N. Mundy

Excellent5 star

Loved every page55


Great easy read.5 star

Straight to the point and clear. Solid book to get you on the right track to w1nning!55

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