Calculated Deception

Calculated Deception Summary

Dr. Ree Ryland must work with the FBI to catch a criminal before time runs out in this charming, character-driven read.

Dr. Ree Ryland is an engineering professor who loves her job and plays by the rules. Her life is reassuringly predictable – until an enemy hiding in plain sight decides her squeaky-clean reputation is the perfect cover to commit a crime.

When Agent Parker Landon and his FBI team discover that someone at the university has been procuring military-grade hardware by disguising it as test equipment, all evidence points to Ree. After the FBI intercepts a shipment that puts Ree in the clear, Parker is forced to tell her that she’s being used as a pawn by an unseen enemy. And now she’s in that enemy’s crosshairs. Ree turns down the protective detail offered by the FBI and insists on using her inside knowledge to help with the investigation. Parker is leery of bringing a civilian on to the team, but he’s surprised at how much fun he has working with Ree, even as he tries to keep her out of harm’s way.

Parker, Ree and the FBI team find increasingly worrying evidence that someone is quietly acquiring everything they need to cause destruction on a massive scale. Now, they must uncover the motive and identity of the killer hiding among Ree’s friends and colleagues before it’s too late. 

Calculated Deception is Book 1 in The Calculated Series. All books in The Calculated Series may be enjoyed as standalone novels or as a series.



"I really enjoyed this story. It's a little bit of a crime, thriller, suspense, mystery with a smidgen of romance all wrapped up in a quirky package with brainiac, feisty female lead." -Laura, Tangents and Tissues Book Blog

"I love strong female leads and this one did not disappoint! A great thriller and quick enjoyable read." - Anika R, NetGalley Reviewer

"Chapters are short and well paced. Characters come to life on the page and the mystery ensures you keep reading. An ideal summer holiday read." - Born to Engineer Book Club

"I devoured this book to see what would happen next." - Trinica C, NetGalley Reviewer

"This thriller kept me enthralled thanks to the great writing and the strong female lead." - Cristie U, NetGalley Reviewer

"Calculated Deception is a fun quick read that mystery fans will enjoy." - Heidi Wimmer, Book Him Danno Blog

Book Reviews


Good thriller5 star

Except for the unnatural rearrangement of a professor’s office in middlebrow a semester and the ignoring of the mess her leaving while classes are in session, a well put together international criminal conspiracy halted in the nick of time. Having an engineer refer to probability between 1 and 10 was a jarring inconsistency. Story well told, characters interesting and well developed.55

Morkat 40

Great mystery5 star

This book kept me on my toes and I couldn’t wait to read it all in 2 days !55


Good read!4 star

I enjoyed the story and the suspense!45

reads avisly

Great mystery5 star

Well written. Loved the book55


Fun and suspenseful5 star

Enjoyed. Fun. Suspenseful.55

kitty kat41

Fun and fast paced5 star

What a great read. Loved all the character’s and suspense with romance thrown in Joyce in Boise55


Calculated Deception4 star

A little far fetched that a college professor could turn into an FBI acting agent in just a few weeks.45


Great5 star

Great story easy to follow with great characters and storyline55


Excellent Read!5 star

This was a very exciting book to read, I would highly recommend this cozy book to anyone who likes an interesting mystery...55


Calculated Deception5 star

Fast-paced and intriguing story.55

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